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Why should you support black owned business?

You can help empower local communties

When we choose to win against all odds, young black children grow up seeing successful entrepreneurs and a thriving community. 

Supporting a black  business helps to closes the racial wealth gap

From the Jim Crow era to redlining that prevented Black people from accessing higher-paying jobs and homeownership opportunities, “In 2016, the average wealth of households with a head identifying as black was $140,000, while for white-headed households was $901,000, nearly 6.5 times greater” according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Supporting  black businesses can increase the flow of wealth to black families and black communities. This helps to close off the racial wealth gap over time.

Job and Opportunity creation  

Showing your support helps contribute to creating entrepreneurial opportunities. Black entrepreneurship can fuel the black community's economic prosperity and serve as a bridge where low-income families can move up to a middle-class status.


Small businesses and entrepreneurs have created pathways to build wealth for generations. By supporting more Black-owned businesses, you can help create more opportunities for meaningful savings, property ownership, credit building, and generational wealth for black communities, especially those on the Space Coast. If we all do our part to support black businesses, then we’re help with the progression of strengthening many black communities.